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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 13, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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might have run out. the one thing he didn't count on >> more on the lotto thief inc moment. ai] handoffxd tonight. theq 49ers move toi] santa clars in the hands of the nfl. the council gaveñi the go aheadn
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the financial plan with some of1 plan's worst critics turning into supporters. san francisco said they are still hoping for one last play. nbc bay area is live outside oñ santa clara city hall with what the vote means for the team and really for both cities.ñrkoñix( >> in reachmy for the city of santa clara and the 49ers. the city council approved the sáate-of-the-art stadium to be built close to great america. >> it's a great benefit to the and revenues and raising i am very, very +excited. besides being a 49er fan. >>w3 we feelfá very, very comfortable with the investmg÷(ñ >>6zxd bank of america and gol sachsxd agreed to give an zv$8 million loan that will coverxd most of the ñi$1 billion projec. the plan is to use stadium
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revenue to paye1 off the cloan. money coming in through the sale of luxury suites. >> for doesn't seem right not to play in san francisco. >> it'sw3 years in the making a some fans are hoping for a hail mary, a chance to keep the team playing in san francisco. the city'sc planning commissionr is onenatñi them. he recognizes santa clara took a major step towards the goalnb e and said this game is not over yet. >> thingse1 can happençó and evf you are behind in the fourth have okdone. át pushing for edfá lee to look at building an all weather( stadium, butñiok the mayor has here in santa clara, there was public comment and 35 people addressed the council and only three are opposed to theó[rv stadium. construction on the stadium isj
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expected to begin on 2013. moved fájfup. it's expected to open in 2015. live in santa clara, nbc bay decision. a serial robber is linked to 18 bay. hr(t&háhp &hc they are looking for this man. they say hejf cashed in, but hi live in san jose with new video het( obtained. george? >> i can tell you the owners of this mini mart are upset. twice they have been hit andfá fine him thanks to surveillance, catching him in the act. a brickxdxd is thrown through t mart. they sayñii] you are watching sl
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moking a cigarettexd and taking his time. >> he isxtó trying to pull the scratchers cansters out. to pull theqxd dispensers out f under the counter.çóxq >>ok in two months,qjf he isñit marts. she he is making his money. he had to fix his glass front door twice, spending hundreds of dollars.i] >> lottery investigators say ñi $12,000 wortht( oft( scratcherse been stolen and that includes the winnings he sc)cáched offçó j "3in.çó >> he thinks it's easy m, but doesn't realize the lottery's ability to track lottery scratcher. euz serial numbers on the >> sam has a history of stealing for stq)es in sunnyvale and mountain view andçóñr served ti for his crimes.
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when he gets out,ç- he goes rig back to stealing. >> it's a problem for the lotteryok in general. >> let's take another look at him. he is 5'10" and 170 i]pounds. look forçó his crookedfá front h and tattoos covering both arms down to the wrist. heçó has a one-inch scar on his right cheek. the car he was driving is a white toyota camry or ford explorer.ñi california lottery. nbcñi bay area news. >> thank you, george. the timing is questionable.e1lpó tg a pg&e admit being liability for thei] deadly explosion. are wondering, why n? whermxçóñrñiñr attorneys say ta responsibility is nothing more than ajf legal strategy.
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bruno are still healing. tributes to the people whofá di in the blast line this fence.t( pg&eñi wants to help makei] thi right and it is taking full responsibility, but victims's át+áhápv admitting liability is a ploy to try to keep damaging eviden#qt out of court.lp >> i love my neighbors. they are good people. goodlp people that have bad this happen to us. >> bobñ@vas home wiun hislp fam when a pipeline exploded in san the inferno destroyed his home and neighborhood last year, killing eight neighbors. he is rebuilding, butçóçófá pg& lawsuits related to the blast. ìáhp &hc& pg&e said they are liable for the accident. taking full financial responsibility. >> this was made at the request of the judge presiding overñi tp cases. again in the sñiñi hopes thatc
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>> he is not sure aboutñi pg&e' motives. >>xd it took 15 months and four days. i'm curious to know the facts that we don't know. >> the attorneyuñc representing victims of the blast. >> they are trying to escape responsibility. >> he said admitting liability may convince a judge to take evidence and punitive damages off the table. he plans to argueçóym pg&e saf record shouldáb presented in court.a5 to tell the jury what brought about thisxd accident and all o the things thatñiçó pg&e did ov the years to basically disregard public safety. are hoping the judge allows the truth to beágx told.] >>jf the day in court is importt toa5ujtq we want to know how this happened and the things we didn't know. >> attorneys for the victims and
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pg&e will be in court on friday in sanq mateo county. the judge isñr trying to set a schedule for a trial set for july.( sr+e inok san bruno, nbc news. >>ym turns out the pipeline disaster is one of several accidents that promptedñ federa legislation that won final approval in the u.s. senate today. the bill doubles the maximum fund for violations and adds penalties for obstructing safety investigations and requires new pipelines to have automobile shut off valves. critics sayxd the bill doesn't far enough and the old pipeline1 are most in need of the emergency shut offt( valves. the bill will go to the white house for the presidwé[66ñ signature.fá trigger on the massivelp budget improve economy would prev]g they made the decision final after the finance office predicted the revenue would fall short of what it predicted in june. the cuts include nearly $310
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million toi] public education. also on the chopping block, fá$0 million in programs that help the elderly and t(disabled.ok $250 million in subsidies and cuts to child care, libraries and prisons. most take effect starting in january. >> !6ñ spite of the cuts to public education from the state, teachers negotiating with the alamedae1 unif%blp school dist are putting cole in the stock of ♪ going to find who is telling the çótruth.t( aea is coming to town ♪ . >> those are notc traditional holiday songs. they gathered in a school board meetinga the city hall andq the teachers stuffingxd charcoal in a stock with more than 500ñi teachers at an impasse at the the superintendent and the other board m"0(q)s.
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>> thelp district seems to be hoarding money when teachers took furlough days last year and haven't had aokq raise in a lon time and yet seem to have money to give to the highest paid people in the district and nobody else.jffá >> both sides expected to be back at the bargaining table >>jf 11 texts in 11 minutesa, l to a deadly crash. and the onlyxdw3t( situation wh would be able toxd use a cell phone behind theñi wheel. >> dial 1-800-reality. >> ajf hang up for jerry sandusky's attorney.xd words and a connection to afá ry service. ajft( welcome change for drivers. the newt( rules for parking meters. >> warmerxdw3 today, close to 6 san jose. san francisco with 57çó and rig now the coldest levels in the
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east and the south bay with 38 in livermore. we will talk cold and the fog anbod uthe cold anwhd the fog and enwh showers return in the full forecast.
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an attorney for jerry san dusky is backñr pedalling aftern off the cuff remark turned out to be an embarrassingñi referen. he speaking outsidexd the pennsylvania courthouse where sandusky made a brief appearance. if theyñi responded to claims h rapedi]fá a boy in the shower b t[yrñ dial w31-800-reality. aga.
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>> itçó turns out 1-800-realitys the numbere1 to a gay sex line f he said he had &' idea it was really number and he meant to get afá life instead. earlier in the hearing, she shock the packed courtroom by preliminary trial. it left many of sudden dusky's victims feelingñiko defeated. they spent weeks preparing for thexd hearing only to bei] sent lf=9t peninsula a pair of copper heavesñi are trading in e metal forw3 something a bit stronger. jail house bars. they are now in custody. the two menw3 allegedly stole+ copper pipe from the crystalg technology company southwest of bayshore road and 101. ie inñi san clara county. >> racing to beat the toll person is less frantic. a new policy approved by the
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period after their time expired. people who use the payok and display meters will be given a-minute grace period on the expiration on the printedkog receipts. if you are using+çó coin opera añr minute. they cannot determine when a driver first paid the meter. when you determine while an officer is writing the t(xdtick you will get a break. >> no talk or tweeting or texting. an allt ban on cell phoneñi )k for driversu unless it's an emergency. could that really happen? >> it's one of the most sweeping recommendations ever by the board. >> that does apply to blue tooth, hand held, hands free. distraction and the manual distractions that werñ$p)e concerned about. >> will there beu?hp' all out b?
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the author of severalñi cell phe laws supports it, but saidfá unlikely. >> i don't think we will see a ban any timñ lpsoon. 9ñ i thought the fact that they steppedzv up and made the case that this was a or death issue on a national level was good news.én(->> they believe most l would notçó take the heat for enacting a banym and even thou the ntsb's announcement was a q recommendation, the agency hopes it will encourage states to pass at the veryxdxd least stricter q california has an t(anti-textin and+ hands free cell phone i]l. many don't.rr(t&háhp &hc >> it may seem like a quick call and a quick text. a sweet, or an xdupdate. an eye. >> the driver and in a 2010 missouri crash with two schoolt busesé@ exchanged 11 text messs in 11 minutes before killing two people. distracted driving is blamed for a 2008 fatal commuter train
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crash in southern california. the ntsb said c3,000 people wer killed last year because of aráu)acted drivers. >> the key is meaningful penalties. we do thet( three things we sav lives. >> the senator said since 4rh state enacted his cell phone law, there have been 700 fewer deaths oneiq road, but he is pushing for higher penaltiesfá including a point on your license for a second offense. that was vetoed byñic jerry okq. >> texting may be an issue,ø bu dui deaths reached a record low this year.lp they are the lowest level in 14 years. q k crashes last year compared to 950 the year t(jfbefore. dui deaths in the state 2005. the fdacg'57u$p warningcxt surrounding ads for a popular weightçó loss device. they sentw3 letters to several
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surgical centers saying they are advertising for the lap band anç fails to provideçóok risk information and precautions and side effects. the letter said any negative information about the device on jtqujp (t&háhp &hc& actuallyxd read. the lapok band is a gastric ban implanted around the top of the stomach to help obese daals lose weight. weight. @(t&háhp &hc& or have the product takençót( a if they don't address thet( concerns in the warning letters. >> at( chilly night. i have my scarf right here. i took it off right before the show. it's so cold. >>ñi revealing the fásecret. >> my hands are frozen.fáçó >> you normally have a blanket. i don't want to give that away. let's take a look at the number3 women know it's t(cold, but how 36 in napa and 34 in santa rosaf 38 ine1 livermore and as we hea
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to tomorrow morninóxáimzezi] patchy frost in the east and north bay and can't rule out areas of freezing fog. visibility decreasing and sunshine as we head into the afternoon.t(xd winds ati]çó 5 miles per hour a right up into the north bay is producing visibility at a quarter mile or y1less.w3 we could haveñiñr freezing fog theç()oadways that once again could ice thingsçó over. for the next 48 t(hours, high pressure that kept it dry and sunny in the afternoon. to past 48 hours will stan weaken and what we will find is what we had the past five weeksó every time a storm system moved alaskaçó throughout the northwe. the drier storm track. it's not going to be a big time rainmaker for us. scatteredq showers over the nex 48w3 hours. dry for çówednesday. as wet( head to lpt(thursday, t get wet for us as+n0w3 we head throughout tomorrow night, cloud
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increasing at the coast and>"- the early morningñr hours by thursday, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00. as we head throughoutñi 8:00 an 9:00,ñi showers spread to the south. it will be a quick blast of showers here. we look at sunshine by the afternoon hours on xdñithursday. how much rainfall?t( note1lpfá too much. about a trace to 1/10 of anx:ñqr inch. the bay area does have a chance of getting at least somethingi(] it is not going to be theñrw3 l storm system that we do need. we are about one to two inches below for the season. we have to catch up soon. tomorrow jfmorning, areas of frt and freezingpfog. the worst will be the north baõ. the roadways could be slick. 29 inxdi] santa rosa and 33 in gilroy and mid- to upper 30s f1 o let's look at theçóxd highs tomorra7v(t&háhp &hc& ill be dry andçó
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the afternoon and temperatures close to 60.3wq doesn't matter where you are from the coastline to the interior sections. most everyone will be if you are in bodega bay towards =u will not have to change it up7ooq too much. 56 in calistoga. and+ a new ipho ap that is very, very useful. we9/ have an ipad ap as welcom out. chance of showers on thursday and dry friday, saturday, and sunday. we got word that heavenly ski resort is opening from top to bottom tomorrow. >> really?+ >> mainly artificial sn@'óe1 >> people with the die-hard fears or snowboarders out there ask head to the mountains. away.vent suicide.ok t a steto prevent suicide.ok [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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>> face sbook launching a feature to link suicidal people with crisis services in seconds. you click a link next to the comment. facebook sends a message to the to begin aw/ñk confidential cha. google and yahoo have long providedñi the phqt number to te suicide prevention lifeline as the first result when someoneçó searches suicide. the new step goes further andt( could make all thee1 difference for people. >> a piece of apple history sold for big bucks today. the founding documents from 1976 went on the auction block ini=$u york. it was signed by oke1cofounder e jobs and the seller of the contract, ronald wayne. they go for $150,000. private bidders drove up the price $1.6 million. the first letter written by
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$362,000. less than aok quarter of what t apple document went for. let's check in with henry in the ñw3 hi, henry. >>çó hello. we have a big night.t(çó might be t there is a new report out of new york $yeñ golden state isxd working hard to gete1 him in a warriors uniform.fáw3 how much are they willingxd toc give up? táhsju+hq&lis. [ female announcer ] what's so great about...jcpcash? no exclusions. with jcpcash get 10...15 or... $20 off. storewide. unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save!
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no exclusions. with jcpcash get 10...15 or... $20 off. storewide. unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save! get up to $20 off with no exclusions. we make christmas affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. >> welcome back to nbc bay aread the sharks have beençó anything but dangerous. san jose lost six of the last eight games and a trip to colorado is a challenge, but
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that's where the sharks tried to get back on track. have struggled ands?ñ trying3w >ñloss. adding up one lookñ$p'd finding patrick for the equalizer. no scoring in overtime. let's head to thejf shootout. the fifth round. pressure was on san jose.s7s7 brad winchester shoots and it heads off the goal post. avalanche gets the win, 4-3 and the shootout over the sharks.xd the warriors were determined to add a man<  to the roster. they wereó[ unsuccessful. today they signed as7 former number one overall pick. kwame brown played with the bobñsm averaged nearly eight points and seven lpreboun a game. this will be his sixth team and
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11th season. michael jordan drafted himlp wh he was the president of the wizards. the coach isok happy he has another big man in camp. >> cbig. great size. ìáhp &hc& out standing to pick and+ rollc hopefully we seal thk( deal and d depth to the frontline.fáok >> a pig potential trade. the warriors are back in the chris paul traitt(fá talks.lj the clippers are most likely out.#@ h(t&háhp &hc& thefá hornets are very interest in what they are willing to offer.fáok the warriors are consideringc trading monty ellis, clay
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last time i counted, that's three for one. i don't know if that'slp eqmó1ñ but i'm not the man with millions of dollars. we have the easy job. >> back in a moment. ♪
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finally tonight, a christmas tradition saved. a southern california man cr% úq" ajf christmas display a the display featuring the peanuts characters attracted people. he lost his home to foreclosure last year and this year it looked like the tradition was over until the cityt(ok stepped to save cmáuspáy the city is nowfáxd hosting the display on the lawn outside city hall. lights were turned on in front of hundreds ofokxdçó fami
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for the first time this season. >> sweet and uplifting. look at snoopy. >>w3 snoopy's party. >>xd temperatures in the 30s tomorrow morning and be careful in the north bay. freezing fog and reduced %%1%qe9ñ >> you need a snoopyñ+k outfit %d to to.k >> jay leno is up next. ♪
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